Garage Flooring and Garage Floor Covering / Epoxy Coating in Los Angeles, California
Liquid Granite Epoxy Floor Coating
The Liquid Granite ™ System is a simple Epoxy broadcast flake system that is top coated with Urethane designed to provide the look of granite to concrete floor surfaces while providing substrate protection from hot tires, abrasion, wear, and chemical attack. Liquid Granite should not be confused with the cheap problematic garage coatings available from the big box stores. Liquid Granite Will Not Peel from Hot Tires!

Liquid Granite is available in 3 standard systems, we offer 2 different Low Odor, Low VOC, Non-Flammable Topcoats that have the same performance of the High VOC Systems. This provides a solution for areas that are environmentally conscious as well as areas that can not allow a solvent based system . These systems are also compliant with the new strict SCAQMD rules that become law July 2006. We offer traditional CRU's as well as Low VOC Solventborne Polyester Backbone CRU's (as low as 100 VOC). We offer a Waterborne Non Flammable CRU that can go down up to 10 wet mils without outgassing.

  • Hot Tire Resistant
  • Looks Like Granite
  • Easy to clean
  • Installs in 1-2 days
  • Industrial Grade Material
  • Can Withstand up to 12 LBS M.V.E. Without Peeling When Using Vapor-Stop as the Base

Color Quartz
Colorquartz CQ Floor is a 100% solids decorative floor system designed for use over concrete and other various other substrates to protect against wear and chemical attack while providing decorative appeal and non-slip profile. CQ Floor is used in Showrooms, Kitchens and any other area that requires a cleanable decorative coved surface.

CQ FLOOR is a decorative epoxy based floor system that is designed to produce a cleanable, decorative, slip resistant floor surface that is non porous. It’s simple: the fewer seams in a floor, the less maintenance required. The average tile floor has thousands of dirt-trapping grout seams, which are impossible to keep completely clean. A linoleum floor is easily gauged and cannot be repaired when damaged. Unsealed concrete also presents problems in the form of a porous surface that is difficult to clean. The CQ FLOOR System can be used on walls, floors, stairs, counter tops or any place where a durable resistant surface is needed. It has many advantages over Quarry Tile, Ceramic Tile and Sheet Vinyl Composition Tile and unlike concrete it is non porous making it a floor that can be cleaned easily. CQ FLOOR is ideally suited for floors found in showrooms, retail establishments, commercial kitchens, locker rooms, laboratories, garage floors and institutional areas. You will find that CQ FLOOR provides an economical alternative to other types of flooring while providing a tough durable decorative finish.

Features & Advantages
  • Monolithic, Sanitary - no seams where germs can hide
  • Safe and slip-resistant
    Easy to clean just damp mop
    Durable, abrasion & wear resistant
  • Can be resurfaced if damaged
    Solvent, chemical and oil resistant (proper topcoat needs to be selected)
  • USDA approved for use in meat, fish, poultry & food processing
  • Textures can be adjusted to meet safety requirements
    Cove Base helps provide easy cleaning at walls
  • Low odor
  • Economical
  • Many Different Color Selections
  • Great Adhesion to Concrete, Metal and Wood

Los Angeles Garage Flooring has a multitude of flooring colors and styles for you to choose from. The following are sample images of the particular colors we can provide for your garage flooring product

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